Our Walking Tour of Stockbridge, MA

We begin our Walking Tour on the steps of the Stockbridge Library,
where the Real Hitty lives.


First stop, right across the road on the left, from the Library, we see Rachel Field's childhood home.
She lived there for part of her childhood, according to the Tour Group Leader.



Some of Rachel's ancestors attended this church.


Rachel's Grandparents lived in this house, almost directly across the road from the Library.


This is the Mission House, built over 200 years ago. (Much older than our Real Hitty!)


Ok--we were so excited we forgot to write down why we photographed this house,
but Mrs. Plum says it had something to do with Rachel Field!


The Tour Guide told us that the big picture window in this General Store
was Norman Rockwell's First Studio.


Here's a picture of Main Street. We did some great shopping in the stores.


The Red Lion Inn is very old, and has been operating since the 18th Century.
We took a peek inside, too, and it is a gorgeous building, stuffed with gorgeous antiques.
Great-Aunt Teddie says she wouldn't mind a vacation there.
The Bittys all said they just wanted to sit on the stone lions out front.


And so we end our tour, once again at the Stockbridge Library.