Hitty Ruth Anne

Hitty Ruth Anne has picked up the violin for the first time.

Hitty Ruth Anne hails from Redwood, in Northern New York.
She will be at the school for a Special Term of three weeks, to take instruction in violin.


Left to right: Hitty Connie, Hitty Ruth Anne, and Hitty Sam


Hitty Ruth Ann has brought with her her pet cow and her deer. Some of the students take her to the barn, to make sure that they are getting along ok with the other animals.


Hitty Ruth Anne has learned of a school spelling bee coming up, and has received permission to participate. Here she has her Webster's Dictionary, and is studying spelling words with some of the other contestants.



Left to right: Hitty Ruth Anne, Hitty Ivy, Pansy Parkinson, Hitty Geneva, and Hitty Glorificus.



Left to right: Hitty Myrtle, Hitty Minerva McGonigal, Hitty Bailee, and Hitty Ruth Anne.

Hitty Ruth Anne picks out the desk she will use while attending the Ash Grove Academy. All Special Term students receive basic school instruction along with their Special Term instruction.
Hitty Ruth Anne has come for special instruction in the violin. Her teacher will be our very accomplished musician, Hitty Desiree.


Left to right: Hitty Ruth Anne and Hitty Desiree.

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