Hitty Louise

Hitty Louise takes a banana cream pie from the oven

Hitty Louise is from Redwood, New York, not too far from the hometown of Funny Cide.
She will be at the school for a Special Term of three weeks, to take instruction in cooking.


Left to right: Mrs. Plum, Hitty Louise, Hitty Beth
Mrs. Plum shows the girls how to roll pie crust.
Hitty Louise, with Mrs. Plum's help, put the whipped topping on a blueberry dessert.

Left to right: Hitty Penny Lope, Hitty Louise, Mrs. Plum

Left to right: Hitty Louise and Oz
Hitty Louise gets some guitar instruction from Oz, at the AGA picnic.
On a field trip Hitty Louise gets to run the garden tractor.


She also helps plants the tomatoes.
Hitty Louise checks out some of the school's cookbooks.

Left to right: Hitty Louise, Hitty Penny Lope


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