Hitty Gertrude

Hitty Gertrude meets Great-Aunt Teddie, and gives her the extra bunny she has brought as a gift for future students.

Hitty Gertrude hails from Flintstone, Maryland
She will be at the school for a Special Term of three weeks, to take instruction in sewing.


Left to right: Hitty Gertrude, Pansy Parkinson, Hitty Geneva, and Hitty Ruth Anne
Hitty Ruth Anne gets to know Hitty Gertrude. She tells her that although she was afraid to come to the school, she found out that the girls were very friendly, and the classes fun.
Hitty Geneva makes up a bed with Hitty Gertrude's bedding and pillow that she brought from home.

Left to right: Hitty Gertrude, Hitty Geneva, and Hitty Ruth Anne


Left to right: Mrs. Plum, Hitty June, and Hitty Gertrude

Hitty Gertrude has brought a box of Dunkin Doughnuts to share. Little did she know this was Mrs. Plum secret weakness!
Hitty Gertrude takes the remainder of the doughnuts to the common room, and meets more of the students. The china puppy is 'sitting pretty', hoping for a bit of doughnut.

Left to right: Hitty Gertrude, the Frozens: Lotte, Charlie and Ghee, and China Abigail.



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