Hitty Dorothy
Hitty Dorothy has traveled all the way from Texas to spend a Special Term with us! Howdy-do, Hitty Dorothy!

Duck, duck, goose!
Left to right: Hitty Sam, Hitty Adrian Hanna, Hitty Dorothy, Hitty Connie, and Buffy Summers


Left to right, Hitty Adrian Hanna, Hitty Connie, Hitty Sam, Hitty Dorothy, and Buffy Summers


Left to right: Hitty Dorothy, Hitty Connie, and Hitty Minerva McGonnigal



Hitty Dorothy has brought along a barrel of maps, just for the schoolroom! Hitty Minerva McGonnigal is looking at a chart of presidents.
Hitty June has carried Hitty Dorothy's sewing machine into the sewing room. Hitty Dorothy brought some great books along, and also a basket of sewing goodies for the other students.






Mrs. Plum is tickled with the new mug tree. For one thing, the mugs match her dishes! But even better--there can never be enough cups to go around at the AGA!
See the tea set on the table? Hitty Dorothy has brought them all the way from Texas so Great-Aunt Teddie can have tea in her room when she is tired. And what's that on your lap, Hitty Dorothy?


Oh, my! Hitty Dorothy has made a Dear Jane quilt just for Great-Aunt Teddie! She is such a dear! Great-Aunt Teddie is overwhelmed. How did Hitty Dorothy know she has always wanted one?

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