Hitty Daphne, Hitty Violet, and Hitty Mollie
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Left to right: Hitty Mollie and Hitty Daphne

Hitty Mollie and Hitty Daphne bring in a rooster they rescued. The girls work diligently in animal rescue. Hitty Daphne has come to work with small animals, and Hitty Mollie will be in the sewing class.
Hitty Daphne, on the pony the girls brought to the school with them. Hitty Daphne is an accomplished rider.



Hitty Mollie sends an email to her person, Louise, to let her know they are having a blast at the school.
Hitty Daphne inspects the music room.



Left to right: Hitty Glorificus and Hitty Daphne.

Hitty Glorificus is delighted to meet her 'sister' again! They are both originally from Redwood, NY, and haven't seen each other since Christmas.
The girls take a much needed rest after their journey to the Academy.


Left to right: Hitty Mollie, Hitty Violet, Hitty Ivy, Hitty Glorificus, and Hitty Daphne.


Hitty Violet sets up her sewing area.


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