Hitty Columbia

Hitty Columbia has joined us for a brief, one week term, on her journey around the United States!

Hitty Columbia brings a gift of potted Daisies to Great-Aunt Teddie, for the solarium.
Hitty Columbia meets Blackie, Charlotte Hitty's Lab.


Left to right, starting at the top: Hitty Baillee, HItty Connie, Blackie, and Hitty Columbia


Left to right, starting at the top: Hitty Louise, Hitty Connie, Hitty Columbia, Hitty Sam, Blackie, and Hitty Baillee

Hitty Columbia is nervously waiting to help catch Hitty Louise should she tumble from the bucket. Hitty Sam is working the winch to lower her.
Now it's Hitty Columbia's turn! Hitty Louise is winching her up to the upper level of the treehouse in the bucket!


Hitty Columbia will be taking some fabric with her....but which one to choose?



Guess she'll have to sleep on it!


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