Hitty Anne and Hitty Beth

Hitty Beth (standing) and Hitty Anne

Hitty Beth and Hitty Anne traveled a long way, from Homestead, Florida to Theresa, New York.

Left to right: Hitty Anne, Hitty Iris Raikes, China Audrey, and Hitty Beth


Hitty Anne is delighted to find she has a Raikes cousin at the school. Hope they don't get into too much mischief! However, knowing those Raikes girls, I wouldn't count on it......
Mrs. Plum is tickled to have a new student. "We'll have this turkey for dinner tonight," she says. Hitty Beth has found a cookbook to look through.

Left to right: Hitty Beth, Hitty Penny Lope, Hitty Minerva McGonnigal, and Mrs. Plum


Left to right: Hitty Beth and Hitty Sam


Hitty Sam takes Hitty Anne down to the barn to meet the animals. Looks like the goat wants a treat--hope it isn't Hitty Beth!
Great Aunt Teddie has come out into the sunshine for her morning constitutional, and has stopped by the barn to visit with the new girls. Hitty Anne is quite taken with the puppies.

Left to right: Great-Aunt Teddie, Hitty Patty-Ann, Hitty Sam, Hitty Beth, and Hitty Anne.


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