The Ash Grove Academy occasionally opens its doors to Hittys of all ages. Openings may be for Musical Instruction, Cooking, Sewing, Gardening and Small Animals, or Languages. To see a course description, please click on any of these links. For details on acceptance, tuition and additional requirements, click here. To meet previous Special Term Students, click here. To print out your own themed print minis, click here.

Special Terms run for three weeks, and can be entered any time. Please allow for travel time.

In addition to the special classes listed below, students will receive age/grade appropriate instruction in the basics of education.

The students are allowed to bring a pet, clothes, school supplies (if desired), and a few toys. Space is limited, so please keep the toys to a minimum. For those taking the gardening class, old clothes are a must.

Special Term Students
Now Accepting Applications
$20.00 Tuition (plus Musical Instrument fee if applicable.)

Graduate Pictures

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Hitty Louise

June 8, 2003 Special Term Students at the AGA Picnic
Left to right:
Front row: Hitty Louise, Hitty Ruth Anne and Hitty Gertrude
back row: Hitty Anne and Hitty Beth

Course Descriptions


Musical Instruction

Instruction is available in Piano, Banjo, Violin, French Horn, Clarinet, Drums, and Trombone. Sorry--voice lessons are filled at this time. Have a special instrument? Ask if we have a qualified instructor. Students are not required to bring their own instruments from home. School instruments will be provided. $5.00 fee for instrument purchase, or bring your own.

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Special Term student Hitty Ruth Anne
receiving violin instruction from Hitty Desiree.


Mrs. Plum, column writer for "From Mrs. Plum's Kitchen", is a member of our very gracious and knowledgeable staff. She, along with her assistant, Hitty Penny Lope, will instruct your Hittys in planning meals, preparing grocery lists, comparison shopping, cooking for any number of Hittys from one to fifty, preparing and freezing vegetables, canning, and food storage. She will also teach common cooking sense, and basic meals.


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Mrs. Plum at her table.


Your Hitty will receive a basic overview in the following areas: dressmaking, quilting, repair, and general sewing expertise. An in-depth instruction will be given in quiltmaking, and a limited instruction in Samplers will be provided, if there is enough time. It is not required that the Special Term students bring their own sewing machine, unless they already have one. All materials (fabric, patterns, thread, etc.) will be provided by the AGA. Our new and spacious sewing room is ready for your Hitty to try her needleworking skills.

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The sewing room.

Gardening and Small Animals

Plan and plant square foot gardens, vegetable plots, flower beds, and potted plants. Espalier and trellis growing instruction touched upon. Students will acquire a working knowledge of plant care and small animal care. We currently have chickens, goats, sheep, and cows, as well as a horse to ride. NEW! Our instructor, Buffy Summers, is now available to teach basic Horse riding and care.


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The barn.


We have several languages available. Your student can be instructed in basic Spanish, Latin, French, German, or Italian. Our staff includes Hitty Iffy (Spanish, French, German, and Latin) and Great-Aunt Teddy (Italian). Please note: due to the short Special Term, an advanced course in these languages is not offered at this time. Due to health reasons, inclusion in the Italian instruction is limited to three students per term.


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Great-Aunt Teddie, with her spaniel, Taffy.



Tuition: Tuition is$20.00 per student.

Acceptance: Acceptance into a Special Term is based on class sign-up and instructor availability. Students with special needs will be considered also. Students under the age of 7 years will not be accepted at this time, due to space limitations.

Enrollment: Enrollment can be made at any time, since we practice a flexible teaching program.

Requirements: Students are not required to have any experience in any of the subjects they choose. However, due to the shortness of the Special Term (three weeks) it would be nice if they were acquainted with their chosen subject in a basic way.

Supplies: All supplies are provided from a special grant. those applying to a Musical Instruction Class must submit an additional $5.00 for the instrument, or provide their own. Each student should bring along a change of clothes, any books they might like to have on hand (although we have plenty here) and of course a favorite dolly or stuffed animal to make the nights easier.


Click here to enroll your Hitty today, or to ask any questions.