New Ash Grove Academy Students
And the Return of
Hitty Minerva McGonnigal

Hitty Minerva McGonnigal visits Hitty Em's Class and talks about her trip to Hawaii.
She asks for a student volunteer to show the hula dance.

Hitty Connie volunteers. Go, Hitty Connie, go!


Twins come to the school. The twin on the left is Hitty Blueberry, and the twin on the right is Hitty Strawberry.
In the middle, holding the dolly, is EFA Lydie.


Hitty Wendy Rose shows off her goggles to impress Hitty Strawberry and Hitty Glory.


Hitty JJ is one of our new students! She is being shown one of the school's computers by Hitty Harriet.


Another new student, Hitty Tommi, playing with Nutling and Lala.
N'Orange is playing Candyland, while Hitty Ivy looks on.



Great Aunt Teddie chats with new student Hitty Cranberry, as Charlotte Hitty picks up the Scrabble game.


Hitty Kathy and Hitty JJ are ready to play instruments in the Music Room.


Hitty Iris Raikes shows Hitty Tommi her tent.


Meanwhile, in the garden...

Hitty Alfrida takes a peek through the telescope as she tends grapefruit trees.

Hitty Desiree tends the cactus garden.


Mrs. Plum leafs through the beautiful photo album that Hitty Minerva McGonnigal
brought back from her adventures in Hawaii.


Woman Who Speaks With Voice of Thunder come to teach weaving at the AGA.
She brings with her her little baby. Before she was able to begin her duties,
she spent some time in the infirmary, getting some repairs to her self and clothing.

She has been given a new face by Sara Cole, since her old face had faded right away to nothing.
She's happy about that!


She also got new legs, and new boots!

Woman Who Speaks With Voice of Thunder is showing Buffy how to tamp down the threads.