Our Founder

Theodosia Magdalena Pittalia di Benedetto
(Great-Aunt Teddie)

Miss di Benedetto founded the Ash Grove Academy in 1934, with a Teaching Certificate, three students and an overhead of $100. Since then, she has managed to impart a good education to a number of Hittys and their friends, and turn her one-room school into the Ash Grove Academy Compound. Due to poor health, she has turned over the daily management of the academy to her great-niece, Charlotte Hitty. Miss di Benedetto remains a strong force in the school to this day.


The Staff of the AGA


Charlotte Hitty
Gardening Teacher

Charlotte Hitty grew up in Great-Aunt Teddie's home and under her tutelage, and upon her graduation, became a teacher herself. It is under her firm yet practical guidance that the AGA has become the great Academy it is today.


Hitty June
Sewing Teacher

Hitty June came to live at the Academy shortly after Charlotte Hitty, and has worked side-by-side with her through the planning and construction of the Academy. Her greatest dream is to finish her Dear Jane Quilt.



Hitty Desiree
Music Teacher

Originally from Colorado, Hitty Desiree applied for and received a teaching position at the Academy in 2002. She currently teaches violin, piano, trombone, bass fiddle, drums, flute, and clarinet.




Buffy Anne Summers
Dance and Martial Arts Teacher

Ms Summers comes to us from Sunnydale, California, where her former employment makes her an excellent Martial Arts teacher. She also teaches modern dance. She is currently revamping the Gym Curriculum.


Hitty Geneva
Assistant Sewing Teacher
Arts and Crafts Teacher
Small Animal Care Teacher (temp)

Hitty Geneva recently initiated the Arts and Crafts program for the AGA. She is currently an assistant Sewing Teacher, and also teaches Small Animal Care. It is under her expert care that the chicken flock has expanded.



Rupert Giles
Head Librarian

Mr. Giles has been a librarian and researcher for many years, and has graciously agreed to come out of retirement and run the AGA library. He is very used to dealing with young ladies, and looks forward to learning about and with the students at the Academy.


Hitty Iffie
Language Teacher

Hitty Iffie has turned her skill with languages into a teaching position at the AGA, where she previously studied Italian under Great-Aunt Teddie. She currently teaches Spanish, French, German, and Italian.


Hitty Minerva McGonnigal
Grade School Teacher

Hitty Minerva McGonnigal applied to the AGA as an Administrator, but realized that her love actually lay in teaching young Hittys and their friends basic education. She resigned her post as Administrator, and began work as a Grade School Teacher last fall.



Daniel 'Oz' Osmond
Assistant Music Teacher

Mr. Osmond accompanied Hitty Hallie from Colorado after her long convalescence, and remained to become an Assistant Music Teacher. He has had experience in playing in a band, and is an excellent teacher for young musicians.


Mrs. April Plum
Cooking Teacher
Animal Husbandry Teacher
Kitchen Staff

Mrs. Plum has been with the AGA since she was a small girl. Her vast knowledge in cooking and managing a farm (and children) makes her a valuable member of the Academy. She is able to lend a hand to anything, from bandaging a scraped knee to constructing a soufflé.


Mrs. Frannie Goodwell
Cooking Teacher
Kitchen Staff

Mrs. Goodwell has recently joined the AGA. She previously managed a home for Hitty Iffie. Her excellent baking skills are renowned among the students, and she enjoys imparting cooking 'secrets'.


Hitty Penny Lope
Kitchen Staff

Hitty Penny Lope is Mrs. Plum's niece, and has been with the Academy for several years. She enjoys working with the students and helping out in the kitchen. Occasionally she lends her exceptionally fine voice to impromptu 'concerts' in the Great Hall.