Ash Grove Academy Volunteer Work

Food Pantry Senior Bundle Distribution
Saturday, November 15. 2003

Mrs. Plum
Charlotte Hitty
Hitty Margaret
the Governess
Hitty June
Hitty Penny Lope
Hitty Danni
Hitty Perri Winkle Thompson

Hitty Margaret and Charlotte Hitty count the applesauce.


Mrs. Plum rescues Hitty Perri Winkle Thompson


Ok, this box is full!

Hitty Margaret and the Governess roll out the potatoes.


Get down from there! says Hitty Danni


It's a group effort to get these big cans of peas down.


Juice is good, but sitting on the juice cans is not!


Hitty Danni thinks she can lift this can all by herself!