First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor

Hitty Cordie (Cordelia) is checking the supply cabinet, to make sure everything is stocked for the first class in the new room.
The study area on the classroom features a large, stain-proof table for working with chemicals and doing experiments.



A slightly closer look.


The Gathering Room (right) of the school is a lovely large room with a fireplace, where the students can gather to study, play games, or just relax. At the extreme left hangs a large brass lamp.


Frozen Charlie and Ghee are playing Backgammon, while Lulu (the white and brown Springer pup) begs for a cookie. Ghees puppy sits patiently waiting for the boys to finish so they can go to the barn and see the new chicks. Teacup (the kitty) roams looking for any stray mice--good luck! She'd do better in the barn.
The long table to the right is perfect for homework sessions or maybe just reading.