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Great Aunt Teddie has a room on the 1st floor of the main house (left). It is of course wheelchair accessible, since she unfortunately spends a great deal of her time in the wheel chair now, due to her bad hip. Her old dog, Taffy, sits companionably by her feet, while one of the house cats hides under the puzzle table.
On the left wall, Great-Aunt Teddie has hung her favorite old pictures, including many of long-passed relatives and some of her former students. She enjoys knitting, and her knitting basket is always to hand, as well as a selection of good books.



To the right in her room, we can see several class pictures of Great-Aunt Teddie in her college days, as well as some of her classes when she herself taught. Over her bed hands a hand-quilted Dear Jane Quilt. Great-Aunt Teddie is currently instructing the Upper Grade Girls in constructing some of the blocks to make their own Dear Jane quilt.


The kitchen has often been called the "Heart of the Home", and that certainly holds true here in the Ash Grove Academy. Here Mrs. Plum stirs something delicious at the stove, while Hitty Penny Lope checks the frosting on the cake.



On the floor to the left, we spot Hitty Caro playing with the cats.
Hitty Penny Lope is patiently ignoring yet another begging pup. He'd probably like to get his paws on that cake!




The Pie Safe has been converted into food storage, since, as Mrs. Plum puts it, "No pie is safe around here anyway!" Mrs. Plum also thinks it prudent to keep the big container of candies high out of the children's reach.