Saving Hitty Cassidy Raikes

I had read several accounts of the Raikes Hittys snapping their elastic, and it was no surprise that, when I was posing Hitty Cassidy Raikes, the elastic on her legs broke. I had no intentions of sending her back to the factory for weeks, while she was repaired. Instead I decided to attempt repairs on my own. Although practically, the best repair would have been pegs, I wanted to try repairing her with elastic, so she could remain limber. Below is the story of Hitty Cassidy Raikes and her untimely accident.


Hitty Cassidy Raikes had volunteered to help the groan-ups put away the stuff left over from Camp.
Oops! There goes the pen!


And--oh no! There goes Hitty Cassidy Raikes too!


She howled and screeched, and really wanted to say a bad word, but Raikes Hittys are very polite. (And a bit too young for bad words.)


She was promptly loaded onto a stretcher, and taken to the infirmary.


After the operation, Hitty Cassidy relaxes on the day bed.

Hitty Connie lends Hitty Cassidy her favorite dolly to play with.


Hitty Zora tries out the crutches.


A back rub makes her feel good!


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CAUTION: Young Hittys should not be allowed to view the following procedures, as it may cause nightmares.