Does your Hitty need some all-natural, organic foods for her dietary needs? Mrs. Plum, a dedicated organic food gardener, is pleased to share the bounties of her garden and kitchen with other Hittys. Depending on the vagaries of nature and how often the chickens lay, she will be offering such treats as farm-fresh brown eggs, vegetables from her organic garden, homemade cookies, her own cheeses, and fruits from her orchards and greenhouse. In addition, she produces a line of Vegetarian foods such as Dogs Done Right (vegetarian hot-dogs) and Veggie-Burgers (vegetarian hamburgers). Mrs. Plum is a firm believer in fresh air, plenty of fresh, wholesome foods, and exercise for the health of the Hittys in her charge, and she is pleased to pass on her extra foods to like-minded Hitty households.



Foods available on a first come, first serve basis.
It is always offered at eBay, under my seller's name of Julie Old Crow.

Foods are handmade of Polymer clay, baked, and finished for a realistic appearance.


Hitty Scale
Foods may appear larger or smaller than actual size.
Please see ruler to judge sizes.

MORE Food can be seen here at my Julieoldcrow site!







Fresh Chocolate cake with white filling.



Dogs Done Right






Dill Pickle Jars




Vegetable Platters
#1--mushrooms, potatoes, carrot, beets, eggplant.

#2--cheese, hot pepper, eggs, mushrooms, green pepper, shallot.
#3--eggplant, crookneck squash, turnip, beet, mushroom, carrots.
#5--hot peppers, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, shallots, green pepper