More Christmas Fun at Miss Hickory's Cabin


Hitty Petal, bundled against the cold, adjusts some lights on the Christmas trees.


Maud Elf brushes snow off the reindeer.


Hitty Princess Lucy offers advice on where the bulbs should be placed.


Bitty Boy Danny Garrish and Bitty Sharon look in the basket of presents.
Hitty Pearl Fung keeps an eye on the two.


"Here's one for me!" cries Bitty Boy Danny Garrish.


The Hickory Girls have found a new playmate--Eensy Hickory.


Eensy Hickory loves playing with Sister Hickory's new dolly.


Hitty Sandi urges a shy little ballerina to play with the other children.

Miss Hickory contemplates another bite of sponge cake.


Let is snow! Everyone is comfy and cozy in--and outside of--the cabin!