Mrs. Plum's Lighthouse

Mrs. Plum, Head of Household for the Ash Grove Academy, lives in a lighthouse on the edge of the water. Not, mind you, that the water needs a lighthouse, as it is really just a huge pond and no ships ever come there. But Mrs. Plum wanted a lighthouse, and what she wants, she gets!

Constructed from a wonderful Real Good Toys kit, the lighthouse came into being in 2006. In it's earliest incarnation, it had a kitchen on the ground floor, a living room above that, and Mrs. Plum's office above that. With the construction of the Farmhouse, however, the kitchen was no longer needed to feed the students and staff of the AGA--and Mrs. Plum had it completely renovated. Construction still continues on the middle and top floors, but her workshop is now finished.

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Early pictures:

Fully constructed, February of 2006

Shells and shell art have always been favored by Mrs. Plum, who appreciates Hitty's nautical experiences.


Her office, as it is being decorated.


Mrs. Plum often jokes that the red door leads to the Woodfolks.
At least, I think it is a joke.


An early view of the kitchen.

The living room, full of friends.


Mrs. MacDonald and Hitty Maggie visit.


We found the needlepoint rug for five cents at a rummage sale!


In the Kitchen, Mrs. Plum's Owl gets a few treats.


The Dutch Girl and Dutch Boy are looking for a snack.


The living room was always full of friends.


And the kitchen---always a-bustle!