Mrs. Plum's Lighthouse

It's a Dolly World at the Lighthouse!

It's a cold, cold wintery day outside, and Mrs. Plum has invited
Bitty Sharon and Hitty Princess Lucy to come over to the lighthouse.
Hitty Princess Lucy collects dolls, and she is interested in trying some
cherry-pit headed dolls. Bitty Sharon just loves dolls!


Hitty Princess Lucy carefully inserts the delicate
twig arms and legs. "We need to let the glue dry," she says.


"Hmmm...what should we make the clothes out of?" ponders
Mrs. Plum, as she sorts through some of her bolts of fabric.


"Look for something woodsey," suggests Hitty Princess Lucy.
"After all, these dolls are woodsey, with their
twig arms and legs, and their cherry-pit heads."


Bitty Sharon is entranced by the dollies.
I wish I could keep one," she thinks.


"I am not sure if I have any woodsey fabrics,"
says Mrs. Plum. "But these checks are tiny."


Oh, which would I choose?" thinks Bitty Sharon.
They are all so sweet."


"Wait! I remember," cries Mrs. Plum. "I have some lovely acorn fabric
that our Person's friend, Tree, sent!" She bustles off
to the store room to fetch it.


"That would be perfect!" says Hitty Princess Lucy. She checks out the dolls
to make sure the glue is dried, and they are ready for the next step.
"Oh!" calls Mrs. Plum from the store room. "Did I tell you
that the nut-brown fabric on the dolls comes from our
Person's daughter, Sara? She hand-dyed it."
Hitty Princess Lucy is suitibly impressed.


All is quiet, as each hurries with their appointed tasks.
Mrs. Plum has heated her iron, Hitty Princess Lucy
has plugged in the Janome, and Bitty Sharon
is checking to make sure all the arms and legs are
in the right position.


Mrs. Plum uses her sad iron to press the fabrics carefully.
She has an electric iron, but says there is nothing like a
good, heavy sad iron to press fabric.


Hitty Princess Lucy adds the trims. "Your Janome
sews like a dream!" she says enviously.


"Oh! This one is so cute!" says Bitty Sharon.
"She is smiling at me!" Mrs. Plum catches her wistful
glance at the dollies.


She chuckles. "Now, Bitty Sharon, did you think we would
invite you along to help us today, and not reward you?"
Bitty Sharon is speechless.


"What about this one?" asks Hitty Princess Lucy.
"I paired the gold zigzag trim with a peach silk
ribbon, and it looks darling, if I say so myself."


But Bitty Sharon has already made her choice.
She is so tickled to have helped at the Lighthouse,
and to have received a cherry-pit dolly.
Her day is complete!

And here are the dollies, all completed!
Each one measures less than two inches.