Hitty Comfort Visits the AGA

Hitty Comfort, our #11 Travel Hitty, visits Mrs. Plum and the lighthouse.

Hitty Pearl has brought along Hitty Comfort, to introduce her to Mrs. Plum.


"I was just about to have a nice, hot pot of tea," says Mrs. Plum.
"Can you join me?"

Hitty Pearl says "Oh, how delightful! And we were hoping for a tour
of the workshop, too."

"I love making things," confides Hitty Comfort, "and I heard
the workshop was the place to go for crafts at the Academy!"


"Girls," says Mrs. Plum, "run along to the kitchens now, and
tell Uncle Olaf I said you could have some of his
Molasses Dream Cookies."


Mrs. Plum brings in tea and a nice plate of hot scones.
Hitty Cassidy has wandered in, and is immediately taken with
Hitty Comfort.
"I love to make things too!" she tells her.


"I'm learning to knit," she continues.
"I knitted my sweater," says Hitty Comfort.
"I must have that pattern," exclaims Mrs. Plum.
"It is just right for chilly afternoons!"

"I've been knitting socks," says Hitty Pearl.

"How are the toes coming?" asks Mrs. Plum. "I am
afraid I have a hard time with the toes."

"Oh, do you do the Kirchener stitch?" asks Hitty Comfort.
When told she hasn't mastered it yet, Hitty Comfort whips out her
needles and proceeds to show the ladies how to do a toe properly.
Mrs. Plum is impressed.


"This is my workshop," says Mrs. Plum.
"I love to come in here," says Hitty Cassidy.

"I love the details on this quilt," exclaims Hitty Comfort.


"May I look at your quilt books?"

They settle down to an afternoon of browsing and
selecting patterns, and finally, Mrs. Plum reluctantly calls a halt.
"I need to go begin supper preparations," she says.


Hitty Comfort and Hitty Cassidy remain happily
behind, painting dolly faces.