The Ash Grove Academy Guest House

Renovated 2008

See our Petite Dreams Deluxe Dollhouse in its Previous Incarnation

It all started when Mrs. Plum revealed to us that one of her friends was
coming to the AGA to live. I assumed Mrs. Lovage (for that is her name) would
live in the Lighthouse with Mrs. Plum. As usual, when it comes to the Hittys,
I assumed wrong. Mrs. Plum informed me that her friend was not a charity case,
and that she was coming to the school at the invitation of Mrs. Plum, to work.
Again--I assumed she was to work in the daily running of the AGA, along with Mrs. Plum.
Again (no surprise) I assumed wrong.
Mrs. Lovage had been running a boarding house, but it was just getting all too
much for her, and she sold her business to a younger doll couple.
"So," I asked Mrs. Plum, "what will she be doing here, then? We don't have a boarding house."
"I am well aware of that," Mrs. Plum replied. "I want her to run the guesthouse."
"Ummmm," I said wittily. "We don't actually have a guesthouse."
"Actually, we do." she said tartly (unamused by my snappy comeback), and proceeded to inform me that the broken down house at the top of the stairs was to be brought down
into the workshop and renovated immediately.
We hope to have it done before Mrs. Lovage arrives.
Let me amend that--I had darned well better have it done, if I know what's good for me!

Well, Miss Hitty Teaberry Lovage has arrived. Yes, not Mrs. Lovage at all--it
turns out she eloped with the gardner, and she sent her niece in her place!

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Las Historias de los Viajeros Room
(The Room of the Traveler's Stories)
Miss Hitty Teaberry Lovage    


This Petite Dreams Deluxe Dollhouse has spent the last two years in a three-year old's bedroom, then
a porch, then a garage, then a storage shelf...and it is time to renovate!

The railings are getting glued back into place.


Mrs. Plum and HItty June inspect the house.
It is a shambles!


Oh, this room would be perfect for a Welcome Room, once we strip off the paper.


So, they stripped off the paper. Yikes!


The upstairs wall had to go to make room for the Sailor's Quarters.
Mrs. Plum intends this to be the AGA guesthouse, and has ambitious plans for every room.


Luckily, the AGA has Xander Harris, a carpenter by trade, living at the Academy.

Here he is, removing the wall.


Bitty Lottie is scraping off old paint.


The Bitty Boys are enjoying a snack.


Let's take a break!


Anyone for chips?


Xander has to regroup and eat some lunch.


The bittys clean up the place a bit.


This is going to be such a big, lovely room!