Miss Hitty Teaberry Lovage Arrives

Miss Hitty Teaberry Lovage has arrived at the guesthouse,
and is meeting some of the staff and students.
"I love the way this room is decorated," she exclaims. "It's so warm and welcoming!"
"This is our Las Historias de los Viajeros Room," says Miss Macdonald.
(The Room of the Traveler's Stories)

Hitty Teaberry tries out the chair in her new bedroom.
Comfy! She is happy to see a sewing machine, too.



She loves dolls, and is fascinated by the doll collection in the room.
"Aunty Lovage always had a dolly collection," she thinks.
"I wonder if she would mind if I took up where she left off?"



Next she checks out the bed--and discovers a bookshelf full of books!
Some are about cooking, and some are about quilting, but she is quite
pleased to discover a number of them are about doll making.



Curious, she meets some of the students playing in The Fairy Bower.
"I'm so glad to see these rooms are being used," she exclaims, "instead
of being shut up until needed!"
She makes a mental note to come back the next day and check for cobwebs.



Next, she checks out The Rose Room. Hitty Perseverance was
there, checking the fresh roses, and she sits down for a chat with the new Hitty.
"I think this job will work out just fine," Miss Hitty Teaberry says.
"Oh, I believe you will find this much more than a mere job!" says
Hitty Perseverance "We are a very close family here at the AGA."



"Even the hammock is comfy!" she murmurs, as she rocks gently in The Sailor's Quarters.
Bitty Boy Helo is looking at the stars, and Bitty Boy Bobby is about to nod off
where he sits! Maybe things are too comfy!


Ed note: The dress Hitty Teaberry is wearing was made from a PIF fabric
from Kathleen W., and is really, really close to one of the Real Hitty's
dresses, which can be seen below.

Click here for the tutorial for making this dress.

Click Here for More Info on the Real Hitty's Plum Dress.