Miss Hickory is getting ready for Christmas, and has
invited a few friends over to the log cabin help her bake and decorate.


Hitty Perseverance shares her new scarf with the snowman.


A ray of sunshine lights up the Christmas display.


Miss MacDonald and Bitty Connie set up one of the
gingerbread houses.


Mrs. Plum opens up another gingerbread house kit, with a
little help. "No nibbling!" she warns.


Hitty Petal has baked all morning--time to put her feet up!
Bitty Sharon is getting out flour and sugar for
another batch of cookies.


The goodie table is getting loaded up~!
Miss Hickory has brought down her snowglobe from
the attic, to brighten the table.


"Now, Bitty Boy Danny Garrish, save some
for the rest of us!" jokes Hitty Coal.
"I love doughnuts!" he says.


A special guest helps outs with the baking.
She jokes that she has to make
a hundred gingerbread men to pay for her hats.


Hitty Marilyn checks out the candy apples,
and of course--no holiday would be complete
without Miss Hickory's Nut Pie.


Miss Hickory has some Christmas cards to mail.
And maybe a few Christmas surprises!


Aunt Hickory puts the finishing touches on a
Christmas stocking. I think it's for Miss Hickory, but
she isn't telling.


Miss Hickory has sent the Bittys up into the attic for more decorations.
But...where are they?


Oh-oh! I think they've found more than they bargained for!




Merry Christmas from the Ash Grove Academy!