In Which I Shrink Down to Hitty Size
and Visit the Ash Grove Academy
On the First Day of School


I don't really like to fly, so I decided to take the car. Off I tootled to the Ash Grove Academy.


My first stop was Hitty Minerva McGonnigal's class, which was packed with new students.


It was already snack time for some of the Kindergartners.


Hitty Minerva McGonnigal was introducing the Dutch Boy to the class.
They plan to study Holland and tulips this fall.

Next stop, the music room, where Hitty Perseverance
and Miss Edith prepare to do a violin duet.


Bitty Boy Oliver has decided to play the clarinet.


Hitty Iris Raikes helps new student Bitty Emmaline pick out an instrument.
I would love to sing along with their music, but I just caw-caw-cawn't


Next Stop--the Science Room