The Traveling Dress Comes to the AGA

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Hitty Cassidy Raikes and Hitty Iris Raikes have found today's mail.
Now, normally, the girls would never open up the mail. They would just
carry it off to Mrs. Plum or Great-Aunt Teddie. But this is
a box from Hawaii! What could be inside? A coconut?
A lei? A seashell? Ellen and Pink?!?


"Oh," says Hitty Cassidy Raikes, disappointed. "It's a postcard."

"This box is too big for just a postcard," says Hitty Iris Raikes.
"Let's see what's under the bubble wrap."


Hitty Cassidy Raikes pushes up the bubble wrap.
"Wow!" says Hitty Iris Raikes. "It's a new dress!"

"And look what I found! An apron with a dolly in it."
"I bet this is a PIF!" says Hitty Iris Raikes. "I heard about them!"
"Let's see who sent it," says Hitty Cassidy Raikes.


"Oh, it's not a PIF. It's a challenge."
The girls excitedly read the note in the box.
"A Traveling Dress?" says Hitty Cassidy. "I guess...we have to take it places?"
"Of course, silly!" says Hitty Iris Raikes. "You know, like a Travel DOLL.
We gotta give this dress some adventures."


Hitty Iris Raikes finds a hanger to help her carry the dress.
"OK--let's see....where should we start?" she says.


The girls decide to go to the guesthouse.
The boys, playing up in the Sailor's Retreat, are unimpressed.
"Woo-hoo," says Bitty Boy Danny. "A dress."
Bitty Boy Bobbie doesn't even look up from his scooter.
"Give it to me," says Bitty Boy Helo. "I can shred it up and put it in
the hamster cage for bedding."
The girls make a hasty retreat.
"Honestly!" says Hitty Iris Raikes. "Boys!"


The girls wander on over to the Academy, but it appears empty.
No one is in the Great Room.


"Anybody here?" calls Hitty Iris Raikes.


"No one in the Potions Room," says Hitty Cassidy Raikes.
"Maybe we should go over to the Studios. Someone is always there."


At the Studios, they find Nana Mary, the new Travel Doll, and poor Becassine, still under construction.
Nana Mary quickly takes in the situation, and explains to the girls that
the dress is supposed to travel all around the USA, not just to the AGA!
"Wait--you mean someone just sends this dress and it...visits???" says a confused Hitty Iris Raikes.
Nana Mary chuckles. "No, some lucky Hitty wears the dress for a photograph."
The girls are interested now! Who wouldn't want to try on a Traveling Dress!
Nana Mary shepherds the Travel Doll and Becassine off to lunch, leaving the
Raikes girls alone with the dress.


Which, in retrospect, was a baaaaad idea.


"I want to wear the dress! I'm oldest!" cries Hitty Iris Raikes,
flailing around on the floor.


"No, me!! Me, me, me!" yells Hitty Cassidy Raikes,
tugging at the hem.

(ed. note--the dress was not harmed in the taking of these photos.
Plus, Hittys are never really this rotten--but you do need to remember
some of the Raikes girls are young and typically flighty,
prone to acting before they think.)


"What in the world are you doing!" says Nana Mary, running back.
The girls stop immediately, looking at each other.
Really, what were they doing? They are embarrassed and
quickly get to their feet.



A shame-faced pair listens quietly to the lecture from Nana Mary,
each guessing (correctly) that they will not be the wearer
of the Traveling Dress.
Indeed, Nana Mary suggests that they both think about who
might want to have a little treat.
"Is there anyone a little down in the mouth right now?" she asks.
"Or...perhaps she doesn't even have a mouth yet?"


It only takes seconds for the girls to decide that Becassine in progress
should be the wearer of the Traveling Dress!


Becassine proudly wears the dress for the photos.
(But she is really hoping the extra attention will
make her Person get that darned carving knife
out and finish her!