Xander Makes A Surprise For the Ash Grove Academy Halloween Party


Xander, the AGA Handyman, and Oz, one of the AGA Musicians, look over the Person's Pumpkins.
"This one is too short," says Xander.
"Here's a taller one," says Oz.


"The stem on this one is not curved right."
"Man, what are you looking for, anyway?" ask Oz.



"This one!" shouts Xander. "Look at how pumpkiny it is!"

"Yeah, ok, but for what?" Ask Oz...but Xander doesn't answer.
What is he doing?



Xander chainsaws the top off the pumpkin.



Oz holds the top while Xander carefully removes the seeds.
"Mrs. Plum wants these," says Xander. "We'll want to plant more pumpkins next year."



Next, Xander carefully makes a cut in the pumpkin.



"Hey," Oz calls down over the roar of the chainsaw. "These eyes aren't even!"



"I don't get it," says Oz. "Three eyes? That's that wackiest Jack-O-Lantern I've ever seen!"
Xander just laughs and fires up the chainsaw again.



"Xander, man, I gotta say, I think you are messing this up."



But wait! Maybe not.....Maybe Xander isn't making a Jack-O-Lantern!



Want to see what Xander made for the AGA Halloween Party?

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