Setting Up for the Hittys' Halloween Party

Welcome to the party preps!


Little Bear (from Mr. Ed!) has jumped into the spider pot.



Oh, no, GhostRex! You put that magic wand down!


"So," says Julie Old Crow (shrunk to Hitty size), "Is there anything up there?"


Meow! (Meowed with a spooky sound.)


Hitty Princess Lucy is wearing her Halloween costume
from NancyB, and checking out the pizza from MaryAnn.


Hitty Pearl, wearing Martha's Pumpkin Hat, checks the Spider Cake.
No licking your fingers!


"Come along, Hairy," says Hitty Iris Raikes.


The goodies are almost ready for the Hittys and Bittys.


Oh, Bitty Caro has found a magic wand from Erin!


The Orphans are playing with some spooky Halloween Dolls.


Hitty Petal is checking out the spooky ingredients in the Witch's Cupboard.

Come on and join us in saying
Happy Halloween!