Bitty-Safe Halloween Pictures

Miss MacDonald gets the Trick-Or-Treat Station ready for Halloween.
See? This isn't too scary, now is it?


Miss MacDonald is setting up a snack table for the student trick-or-treaters.
Spider sandwiches, Chocolate-poisonberry cake, and rootworm drinks are on the menu.
(Kidding! The store room was all out of rootworm, so Miss MacDonald substituted rootfear.)

Wee Patsy, a new student, checks out her Halloween loot.
Suddenly she hears a noise behind her!
"Hey! Get your own Candy Corn!"
She might be wee, but she's brave!


Bobbing for Apples is a traditional Halloween Game.
Very few of the students actually fall into the cauldron as many times as Helo, though.
Even fewer survive.


Some of the Bittys are playing in the pumpkin pails.
Better beware--Jack-O-Lantern might come alive at any minute!

Let's roll this little goblin
right on out of here!


Mrs. Plum's rootbeer is a favorite among the students.
Wee Patsy has spotted Helo running off with yet another bottle.
He'd better hope he's not in any outhouses later on tonight!