Big Gardens from Little Seeds Grow

It's Spring! Time to start seeds inside at the AGA.
Mrs. Plum has taken a group of girls to the greenhouse
to check on some seedlings.


"Please hand me that trowel," says Mrs. Plum.


"I'll fill the bucket with water!"


"Can I have a ride?"


Hitty Iris Raikes digs holes for the seeds.


"I would rather be playing with my dolls," sighs this little Bitty.


"Hey! I see more sprouts coming!"


"Here's the water! Which one do I do first, Mrs. Plum?"


"Bring the bucket over here, and let me fill the
watering can. Then you can start on the other end," she replies.


"The pumpkins are up! The pumpkins are up!" Hitty Iris Raikes loves
the pumpkins best of all.