Miss Hitty Teaberry and the Doll Collection

Miss Teaberry, a doll collector at the AGA, has decided to share her doll collection.
Last Saturday, she told the Bitty that anyone interested could meet in the Sailor's Retreat
at the Guest House and she would display some of her dolls.


The girls were not just interested in playing with the dolls.
Miss Teaberry shared some of their history with them.


Swap Bitty listened intently as she held an EPM on her lap.


The girls enjoyed learning about doll construction--wooden vs cloth.


Swap Bitty is holding the EPM back, so he cannot
get into the dolls and mess things up!


Ok, some of the girls were interested in Sailor Stuff!
Bitty Hattie McLeod found a sword!



Bitty Sharon thinks this might be fun to do every Saturday.
"You know," she says, "like a doll club or something."



Miss Teaberry says that if they ask nicely, Mrs. Plum
might show them how to crochet their own doll.
"That's a wonderful idea!" says Miss Teaberry.


"Let's call ourselves the dollfrog club!" says
this little swap Bitty.
Everyone laughs, and starts to call out names for the club.
"Girls only Dollclub!"
"Dolls of the World!"
There was much goodnatured joking, but no one
could come up with a name.

If you have an idea, email us here at the AGA!