© 2006 Julie G. DeGroat

Charlotte Hitty and the Girls

July 21-28 2001

Butterfield Lake, Redwood, New York


The first night of camp is a giggly afair! Charlotte (in her white bed) shushes the girls to no avail. She finally smiles, pulls the pillow over her head, and calls it a night. No doubt they'll settle down after a while!


Rock Climbing on Adam Island

Left to right:

Hitty Jo, Connie, Bailee, Hallie, Hitty Ruth Anne

Adam Island (named after Quiltdziner's nephew Adam) perches several feet from the camp, in Butterfield Lake. The girls paddled over in a boat, and had a great afternoon rock climbing and discovering shells.




Connie and Hitty Jo wait for the boat to take them back to shore.


Hot and tired, Connie and Hitty Jo wait impatiently for Charlotte to paddle over and pick them up. Connie wants to dip her toes in the water, but Hitty Jo just wants a nap.


"Hurry!" they cry."It's a beautiful day. Let's go on a picnic! And swim! And paddle around the lake!"

But they know it's breakfast first, and then tidying up the camp.

Time for a siesta after a morning of fun.

The girls rest after a morning of swimming and looking for shells. Hitty Maggy has a ball on her lap, and is ready to play catch with Hitty Desiree.



While the older Hittys rest, the littler girls climb all over some tree roots and explore a small 'cave'.




What's camp week without boat rides?

The girls have been paddling around the lake all week, fishing (although Caro doesn't like the fishworms) and feeding ducks and loons. The boaters all wear the lifejackets Charlotte provided, and always go out with an adult Hitty.

Left to right:

Connie shoves Charlotte's boat off, while next to them, Hitty Louise (back) and Hitty Jo are all ready to go. Hallie (back) and Caro have shoved off. Caro holds tight to the sides of the canoe.




The little girls climb all over the tree roots and pretend to find a secret cave. What imaginations!


Time for a picnic--again!


Left to right:

Hitty Ruth Anne is peddling the trike with supplies such as the lifejackets and towels. Hitty Jo is spreading out her beach towel. June relaxes in the sun. Above June is Hitty Maggy, getting out a watermelon. Yum! Above Maggy, Haille reaches down to 'scare' her friend. In the bottom, we see Hitty Iffy with her swim ring on. Above her, Bailee and Connie roll a beach ball back and forth. Hitty Louise is above them, preparing to climb up and talk with resin Hitty Desiree (seated).. Seated in the other chair, Caro holds her little doll. Below her, Charlotte wonders if the water is going to be too cold for wading.