Welcome to Camp Piney Woods
in the Wilds of Beautiful Northern New York

Virtual Hitty Campweek 2014

July 20--26, 2014

Our Camp Colors this year are pink, blue, green, purple and yellow.

ANYone from the Hittygirls at Yahoogroups may play, no fee required.

Virtual Camp Piney Woods, from the eyes of my girlies, ages 9 and 12

Let's Get Ready

Your Prep Pics

Fun at VCPW Page One

Fun at VCPW Page Two

 Opening Day

 Camp Week 2011 Printies

 Camp Week 2014 Printies

 Plain Camp Shorts Tutorial

 Buy our official Camp T-shirt fabric swatch from Spoonflower
Just order the $5.00 Swatch to make 2 t-shirts. Or--use your own fabrics!  Our colors are pink, blue, green, purple and yellow.

 Instructions for Spoonflower T-shirt swatch assembly found here

 Our Camp Piney Woods Song--add a verse! 

  Virtual Camp Cabin Names

 Five Camp-Related Swaps


Make a Camping Outfit for our 10th Anniversary Paperdoll, Hitty Maple

Join us in a weeks-long Adventure

for Hitty and her like-sized Friends