Virtual Camp Piney Woods 2014

Five Item Swap

In this swap, you will send me five camp-related items.  
I'll swap them out, and you will get back five different camp-related items.
The mail-out will be after camp is finished.

Deadline to receive: July1st, 2014
Your Swap Leader is:  Hitty Petal, Camp Director

Can't use our pop-up email?  Just send your email to:
and put: "I want to play in the 5-item swap" into the subject line.

Robin C and the
Fernandina Sunshiners
5 Bright and Summery Sleeping Bags

Helen G and the
Oakbrook Hittys
5 Clever Ladybug Sit-upons

Judy K.

Lorraine and The Rose Cottage Hittys

Marcy M and the Sherlockian Hittys