Virtual Camp Piney Woods Cabin Names

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The Meadow Spring Hittys. )
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Cabins: Cedar, Juniper, Tamarack, White Pine, Hemlock, Spruce)

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   JOC,  The Ash Grove Academy Hittys.  Campsite: Camp Piney Woods.  Cabins: Cedar, Juniper, Tamarack, White Pine, Hemlock, Spruce.

  Susan,   The Sew Bizy Hittys. Campsite:  Hummingbird's Nest.  Cabin: Oak

  Helen, The Oakbrook Hittys.  Campsite:  Mangoe Wood.  Cabin: Hayden

 Robin C., Fernandina Sunshiners  Campsite: Sandy Bottoms

 Caro, Wren Cottage Hittys. Campsite: Birch Camp.  Cabins: Hawthorn, Scots Pine, English Field Maple, Rowan

  Pauline,  Hittyfield Hittys.  Campsite: Golden Finch. Cabin:White Pine

  Lorraine, The Rose Cottage Hittys.  Campsite: Kaihikatea Haven.    Cabins: Tui , Kōkako, Pukeko and Fantail

  Mary Y., The Rockhill Hittys.  Cabin Name: Two Maples

  Marcy M, Sherlockian Hittys    Campsite:   Baskerville Woods    Cabin:   221B

 Denise H, The Heron Bay Hittys  Campsite:Sanibel Island. Cabin: Hibiscus

Susan K in On,the Huron County Hittys, Campsite: The Pinery Cabins – Birchbark & Blue Heron

Nancy & Wendy, Campsite Gooseneck Bend Tent

Sonia, Hilltop Hittys. Campsite: The Lodge

Denise M., Campsite: Wo-He-Lo