We're creating a new Camp Song!

Sung to the tune:  My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
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I love Camp Piney Woods
It's the Best Place in the World to Be!
I Love Camp Piney Woods
Oh, Won't You Camp Here with Me!


Camp Piney Woods Verses

1. Hitty Petal

I'm a Camp Piney Woods Camper
I sleep in a tent on the ground.
And when the sun's o'er the horizon
The Campfire songs will abound!


2.  Mrs. Plum

I cook all the cookies for Campers
I mix all the lemonade too.
I grill all the hotdog and burgers
And get all the hugs when I'm through!


3.  Hitty Freddy Howard
Oh, I am the camp canoe instructor
The paddles and canoes we will share,
And when we are tired of the water,
We'll hike through the woods over there.


4. Pauline

I am the Camp Piney Woods NURSE
I fix all the cuts and BOOBOOs
I've potions and Lotions galore
To fix all that may ail you.


Eliza Kate
Games and Rainy Day Activities Counselor

Don’t let the weather cause worries
The Rainy Day Counselor’s here….
We’ll play games and have fun indoors
On that you can count without fear!! 


6. Sylvia 

Hiking thru Camp Piney Woods
We might see a beaver or two
And hear a merry JOC
Cawing and cawing to you


7.  Hitty Petal

Attention New Piney Woods Campers:
We don't allow pranks around here!
And if you are planning some  mischief...
At least take more pictures this year! (sigh)


8. Marcy

From Mother Nature we learn and to see
Like finding the names of all those trees
Oh what fun mysteries we will solve
Like where we’ll find all those silly frogs