Welcome to Camp Piney Woods
in the Wilds of Beautiful Northern New York

September 18-24, 2011

An all new experience:

Virtual Camp!

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Setting Up Camp

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Make a Camping Outfit for our 10th Anniversary Paperdoll, Hitty Maple

I just couldn't not have Camp Piney Woods after all these years!  But with my daughter's wedding in July, there was no way I could get everything together for the wedding and for Camp Piney Woods. Until, that is, some good friends of mine had an idea....what about hosting a Virtual Camp Piney Woods?

Inspiration!  What if instead of sending your Hittys to camp, picking just one, paying a fee and postage and all that--what if....you had Camp Piney Woods in the comfort of your own Hitty home?  What if...you made the uniform yourself?  What if...you constructed your own camp activities, gathered your own cot and sleeping bag together, and even participated in Rainy Day Fun?  

This is my plan--leading up to our official Camp Week in September, I will provide tutorials for many of the things I would normally be making for Camp Week.  There will be crafts, souvenirs, and even a uniform. And the best thing of all?  IT'S ALL FREE!

No need to sign up--just post your pictures in the Camp Piney Woods folder at hittygirls yahoo groups in the photo section. I'll get them added to Camp Pages.

Ready to begin?  

The first thing to do is make a uniform.  This year, our Camp colors are brown and green, to reflect our love of nature.  So--let's get started!

Join us in a weeks-long Adventure

for Hitty and Friends