A Visit to the Top of the Hill Hittys

The Campers were invited to the Top of the Hill Hittys to meet
Ash, our person's niece.  Ash has been in Mexico for two years
on a Mission trip.  The Campers were very excited to hear all
about Mexico and their culture.

"Do you see her yet?" asks Hitty Rose O'Erin.
Hitty Wonder peers off into the distance.  "Not yet."

Careful!  Don't fall!
Hitty Ann is all ready to catch her.  

"Come on up here!" shouts Hitty Betsy.  "It's fun!"
The girls laugh and climb, as they wait for Ash.

"I'm a little nervous," says Hitty Liberty.  

"They put me in a pumpkin shell, and here I'll stay,
very well!"  sings Hitty G, if a bit off key.

The Campers have a fine time, climbing and playing.

"It's got me!" shrieks Bitty Birdie.
Hitty Ruth rushes over, then laughes.
 "Birdie, this has been rusted shut for years!"

Mrs. Plum and the AGA Coles relax in the sun.

If you would like to see our Ash, then just click
Behind the scenes for 2010!  and scroll to the bottom.