In Which Ash Gives the AGA Woven Fabric from Mexico

Ash had previously sent back several lengths of beautiful fabrics purchased in her village.
Mrs. Plum and Hitty Theresa Faith worked diligently to make them into blankets for the campers.
They were given the blankets after they heard Ash's speech about Mexico.  

The day has been long, and some of the girls settle in for a little nap
in their new blankies.

Hitty Rachelle and Hitty Theresa Faith visit quietly.

Hitty Ruth is intrigued with the pewter ghost Ash brought back
for the AGA.  Come Halloween, this will be cool!!

Hitty Libby looks around for a place to lay down.
She has had so much fun that she needs a nap!

Bitty Birdie never wears out!   She is pretending she is rolling tortillas.

Hitty G isn't sure whether she wants a blue, a green, or an orange blanket.
So hard to pick!!

Hitty Wonder, Hitty Guthrie, and Hitty Rose chatter away about how
different life in a little Mexican village can be, compared to our life.

"Time to go," says Mrs. Plum briskly.  
The Campers are ready to go back to Camp.
Tonight is the first sing-a-long by a campfire!

"I wonder if we will come back here?" asks Betsy.
"I don't know," says Hitty Colleen, "but I heard Mrs. Plum say
there were some of the Top of the Hill Hittys at camp."

Hitty Ruth is going to make sure the ghost gets back safely, anyhow!