Berrily Safe!

A few days before Camp began officially, Mrs. Plum took the campers and students
 of the AGA into the woods to pick berries.  It was a hot, scratchy, fun afternoon, and
when they had gathered all they could, everyone trooped back to the AGA for a quick swim
and then a cookout.  Mrs. Plum had inadvertantly left some of the berries at the Camp site,
and some of the Campers decided to keep them safe until she returned.

The girls carefully put the barrow of berries up onto the table.
"There, Mrs. Plum is sure to find it here," says Hitty Rachelle.

"Don't they look yummy?" asks Hitty Colleen.

"What are you guys doing?" asks Bitty Boy Helo.
Hitty Rachel pats the berries one last time.
"Just leaving these berries here.  Mrs. Plum didn't take them."

"Well, bye, Helo!  We're going to the pond for a swim."

"I wonder if it's safe to leave the berries there with the boys?"
asks Hitty Rachelle.
Hitty Colleen shrugs.  "Well, of course it is.  They wouldn't
eat them would they?"

"Hey, watcha doing?"
Bitty Boy Helo jumps. "Oh, it's you.  Want a berry?"

"Hey!" says Bitty Boy Bobbie. "If she gets one, I want one!"

Well, all I can do is hope Mrs. Plum is feeling generous with her berries tonight!