Meet Some of the 2010 Camp Piney Woods Campers

Hitty Maria

Hitty Betsy

Hitty Wonder

Bitty Leona Ann

Camp Bitty, Bitty Birdie, and Mrs. Pum

Bitty Birdie

Bitty Boy Conrad

Hitty JJ, Bitty, and Bitty Boy Danny Garrish

Miss MacDonald

Hitty Fung, Bitty Sharon, and Hitty MeiMei

The Raikes Girls!

Hitty Ruth

Hitty Rachelle

Hitty Annie Sarah

Hitty Sue

Hitty Ann and Hitty Libby

Hitty Ann

Hitty Libby

Hitty Colleen

Hitty Erin O'Rose, Hitty Colleen, and Bitty Lottie

Hitty Erin O'Rose

Hitty Gale

Hitty Theresa Faith, Hitty Gale, Hitty Fun, and Bitty.

Hitty Theresa Faith
(camp director)

Ballerina and Bitty Martha

Hitty G

Hitty Cole

Just a few of the Cole Gang~!