Welcome to Camp Piney Woods
in the Wilds of Beautiful Northern New York

August 8-15th 2010
!~Our 10th Anniversary~!

Behind the scenes for 2010!

Meet The 2010 Campers

Camp Snaps

Can You Spot Your Camper?


As they Arrive
More Arrivals

Berrily Safe!
Our Trip to the Top of the Hill Hittys
The Mexican Blankets

What is That Wheel?
Picnic Time
Everyone Gets a Sleeping Bag

Rainy Day Fun
The New Fire Pit
Playing in the Sand

Craft Day
Dinner Time
The Granddaughter Helps Out

The Big Camp Secret
The Last Night
Fountains and Friends

This year---it's all about Camp! Swimming, Boating,
Hiking, Horseback Riding, and S'More!

(couldn't resist that!)

Campers will earn stickers and when they fill their book, they will spin

the Big Wheel of Camp Fortune!
Who knows what souvenir they might win!
(Ok, I know.  Heh heh.)


Once your Hitty has attained a spot at Camp, she can arrive any time in July.
We don't mind early arrivals.
Or, wait until 10 days before Camp, and send out the postal bus!

Please do NOT send any extras with your Camper.
Your Camper will be provided with everything needed
while here at Camp Piney Woods.

FEE:  $65.00

This includes return postage.  Insurance is extra, and will be exact fee.

This fee also covers souvenirs, etc. Souvenirs may vary from camper to camper,
but wait until you see the Camp Quilt every camper will receive!  We also plan to add
many items from previous camps, plus new items!


5 Item Swap--Your Hitty may bring five small camp-themed items to swap.
Suggestions: sit-upons, camp craft kits, or anything a kid might need at Camp.

Peanut Swap--your Hitty may bring two Peanuts of fabric (1/2 of a fat quarter) to swap.
Suggestions: nature prints, animal prints, anything Camp-like.


Print Out the Free Version of our 2008 Camp Paperdoll

Click Here for a Hitty-sized Version!

Click Here to see previous Camps~!
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