Rainy Day Fun
~The Camp Piney Woods Campers Never Let a Little Rain Stop Them~

So what if it's wet out?  Let's play!

Some of the campers are waiting out the drizzle inside.

"I wish there was something to eat here besides pumpkins and eggs!"

"I think the rain is stopping!"

"It's probably going to rain again, that sky looks pretty dark."

"Aren't you wet, sitting there in the wet grass?"

"Let's collect these pretty rocks!"

"I have a whole bunch of them."

"I don't like the rain!"

"Hi, girls.  What's going on?"

"We're collecting rocks.  Want to help?"

"What are you going to do with them?"


But a few ideas occur, so the collecting begins.

"We need more!"

Bitty Birdie has spotted some berries.

"I found some empty baskets in the hut."

"Hey!  One year we made pet rocks at camp! Let's make them again!"

"I have a whole bunch of pet rocks here!"

"I have another idea....what about firepits?"

More and more rocks are piled into the wagon.

They can barely budge it!  



And off to camp they go with their rocks.  Silly Campers!
Or do they have a plan?