Campfire Songs

Mrs. Plum is thrilled with the new, big firepit the Campers have built.
"Thank you, all!" she says.  "This is perfect for singing songs around!"

Hickory Brother has found more firewood to feed the fire.

Hitty Theresa Faith leads the campers in 'On Top of Spaghetti'.

Anyone up for some clapping rhymes?

Even the little Campers have to pull KP.
Bitty Birdie helps lay out the evening snack.

Hitty Colleen can't wait to taste the rye bread and cheese.

The girls are still wondering what the Big Purple Wheel might be!

"....I lost my poor meeeeeat-ball, when somebody sneeeeeeezed!"

Hitty Rose leads the rounds.

But it just dissolves into giggles.

"Let's toast our toes!"

"My boots are still damp."

Bitty Boy Helo wonders what else they might build with the rest of the stones!