It's dinnertime at Camp Piney Woods

Mrs. Plum mans the drinks table.

The girls still have not figured out what this is!

Mousie tells the bittys a story while they eat.

"I'm almost too tired to eat."

Hitty Petal checks to see if the campers need any more carrot sticks.

Most everyone is quietly eating. Nothing like a lot of
fresh air and fun to work up a good appitite!

KP time! And Hitty G passes around a plate of cookies for dessert.

"I'll take the plates for those who are done!"

"Let's shake on it!" says Hitty Rose.  The girls plan
to keep in touch after camp is over.

Bitty Aqua and Bitty Charlotte share giggly secrets.

It's a reunion!

More fun is planned for the next day.

Bitty Boy Danny Garrish reaches for a cupcake.

Don't you wonder what they are planning?

Oh, Bitty Boy Bobbie!  Hiding under the table with
stolen treasure!  Hope Blackie doesn't get it.