Craft Day is Fun Day
This year, Mrs. Plum, Hitty Petal, and Hitty Theresa Faith have
set up craft day differently. The campers go from station to station,
and make or get a craft!

The Craft Day begins!

Hitty Theresa Faith put in long hours to make these sun visors!  
Each Camper gets a sun visor to ward off the hot sun.

Pet Rocks!  This is a past CPW fun activity.

The Zen Garden attracts the campers.

No camp would be complete without macaroni necklaces.

Our two Fung Hittys show the TCV Bitties how to create a relaxing garden.

Clapping games are popular the world around, and here at Camp Piney Woods,
it's even more popular!  

Sticker books have been provided by some small friends,
and the Campers enjoy them a lot!

Sometimes even the most sturdy of campers needs a rest!

The Campers have a lot of fun moving from station to station.

The Zen Garden is a gift from Annie.

"My feet hurt!"

Cotton candy is sugary, sticky, and fun to eat!

The bittys share a pink concoction.

Craft Day was fun for all!  Wait until you see what your camper will bring home!