What Is That Giant Wheel?

Mrs. Plum stands before the giant mystery wheel.

The Campers are all in a tizzy, trying to figure out what
 the giant wheel might mean.  Will it be fun?  Will it be hard work?

(Note to Hitty Moms--this is Camp Piney Woods.  Of course it will be fun!)

"I wonder if  it has anything to do with KP?" 

Bitty Birdie is in a tizzy,  trying to figure out the words on the wheel.

"Come on, come on!"  

"I think it's for the little kids," says Hitty Betsy.
"Well, I heard it was just for returning campers," says Hitty Iris Raikes.
"I heard it was for anyone who brought money to camp," says Hitty Wonder,
trying to figure out where to move her player.
The other girls just laughed.  Nothing ever costs more than a button at Camp!

"Whatever it is, let's forget about it and finish this game!"

Hitty Rose pops into the Fairy Bower.  "Have you all seen the big purple wheel?"
"Sure," says Bitty Pauline.  "It's big."
"And purple, " adds Bitty Nancy.

The Bittys are much to busy with their dolls to fuss about a wheel.

Bitty Pauline laughs to think how she must match the big purple wheel.

Bitty Boy Bobbie is pouting again. What a surprise.  He wants to
have the hamsters out of the cage but he can't, unless one of the big
kids help. And they are all too busy right now.

Busy wondering what that big wheel is!

China Charlie has dropped in, hoping to snag one of Mrs. Plum's
chocolate cookies or a cupcake.

"Let's try it again from the top," says Hitty Ann.

Hitty Polly Page accompanies them on the piano.

A fold here, a fold there, and ta-da!  A Paper hat!

Two Eensies play with Blackie.
I think that ball is too big for Blackie to fetch.

Evil Purse Monkeys~!

Hitty Ruth is drawing a picture.   "It's a big mysterious square!"


You mean you, too were wondering?

Wondering what that big giant purple wheel might be?

Huh.  Maybe you should have gotten brave like Hitty Colleen and Bitty Martha.

They asked Mrs. Plum.

And Mrs. Plum said.....

"Oh, this?  This was China Charlie's idea. He made it for you
Campers.  It's a--"

Heh. Nope. Not telling you yet!
You just have to wait and see.