Swap Night!

Some of the Campers have brought swaps to Camp.  Let's peek at what they have!

Everyone settles down comfortably, waiting for the swaps to begin.

Mrs. Plum calls everyone to attention.

Ahem--attention, girls!

Bitty Birdie sits right down to wait.

Well?  Is it time to begin now?

It is!  Hitty G has brought compasses and bags.

"Ohhhh!  Cool!"

Hitty Wonder has baskets of goodies.

"That's making me hungry."

Hitty Rose demonstrates her sit-upons swap.

It makes the girls laugh.

Hitty Betsy's swaps are wrapped up pretty!  
What could they be?

"I'll open one!" cries Bitty Aqua.

The Maine Hittys have a gift for the campers.
Photo albums!

"Now, that's a thoughtful gift," whispers Hitty Fung.

Won't it be fun to put your Camp souvenir Pictures in here?

"Oh!  Look!"

Pretty flannel sit-upons wrap-arounds from Hitty Colleen.

Bitty Boy Bobbie is getting bored. Where's his present?

Hitty Ann has pencils and journal paper for her swaps.

While Hitty Theresa Faith carefully shows everyone the turtles who need new homes.

Hitty Libby carefully opens the box so everyone can admire the
outside and get a peek at the presents inside.

And Hitty Rachelle, thoughtful as always, provides good, sturdy flashlights!