Sunshine, Sand, and Silly Friends!

What could be more fun?

A day in the sand pile means sandy toes and big sand castles.

Hitty Ruth makes a mud pie.

Let's see how high we can go!

The start of another sand castle.

Ok, so sand doesn't make a good slide.
I thought it would!

Sand isn't the best for a pogo stick, either.

Cake?  Seriously?  Cake at the sand pile?

Ohhh, this sand is nice and cool.

Let's bury the turtle.

Well, yes, they have gathered a big wheelbarrow
full of sand....but can they push it?

"I'm digging a hole to China!"

With a pat-pat here, and a pat-pat there...

The Eensies are pretending the lawn chair is a boat.

And this Hitty is just pretending she is on a tropical island.

Sand angels!!  Sand angels!!

Don't step back!

Hitty Libby plays ball with Bitty Boy Bobbie.

Ahhh, fresh air and sunshine!

"If I dig hard enough, you'll fall off the mountain!"

My feet!  Where are my feet!

A tiny sand heap for a tiny girl.

"Let's put a window in right here."

Sand is fun no matter how old you are!