The Last Night at Camp
The Last night of camp is traditionally Game Night.

The empty attic makes a good place to play!

As always, a lively game of Life is in progress.

Some of the campers are banging away on the drums
and piano.  Hitty Petal has a drum...but is she bringing
it to the festivities or taking it away?

Hitty Wonder has great style.

Upstairs, the boys are trying to figure out how to work
the catapult.

Bitty Boy Conrad is torn.  Cookie or healthy orange slice?
Why not both?

Bitty Birdie is intrigued with the pet white mice.

Who's ahead?

A mini-pool table provides fun for the Bitties.

The Scrabble play-offs grow harder and harder!

Hitty Betsy should have gotten in the game!

Yes!  I just spelled cat!

There's more than one way to go fishing
at Camp Piney Woods!

A sword fight is always fun.  Pirates!

Here, your turn!

Bye for now!