Big Camp Secret!
Weren't you wondering what that Big Purple Wheel was for?
I was!
Oh, wait, no I wasn't. I knew!

All of the campers are allowed to come up and give the wheel a spin.
Hitty Libby is the first.

She has 'won' the number 10. Hmmm...?
Mrs. Plum explains that she has a box of souvenirs from
Camp Piney Woods.  But not for the Hittys!  It's for the
Hitty Moms!  The number means that she will be
the 10th Hitty to pick a prize from the box for her person.

Number 14!  Not too bad!

Pull!  Pull!

Hurray!  Hitty Betsy has Number One!

Bitty Birdie needs a bit of help, but she manages
to spin the wheel all by herself.

Hitty Colleen gives it a good whirl.

Hitty Ann shows off her wheel-spinning muscles.

Hitty Wonder gives it a good whirl.

And Hitty Erin just sort of pushes it around.

So--what did the Hitty Moms win?  That's our surprise!  When they open the boxes
with their returning campers, there will be a little something extra tucked into each one.

Have fun!